Exodus, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, IL, 2022

Mining Photography, an ecology ecology of image production, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, DE, 2022


White Feather, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2021

Revulsion,Tel Aviv Artist Studios, Tel Aviv, IL, 2019

Beyond the Distance – a Distance, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2018

The Red Star, The Kids Want Communism, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, DE, 2017

The Perfect Crime, CCA -  Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL, 2017

The Shadow, Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2016

The Red Star, The Kids Want Communism, Bat Yam Museum, IL, 2016

Midaya, Graduate exhibition, HaMidrasha Art collage, Beit Berl, Advanced Studies; Bat Yam Museum, IL, 2012

Pudding, D&A Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Tel Aviv, IL, 2007


Shutters and Stairs, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL,  2020

Impersonating Myself/Becoming Myself, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, CN, 2019

Nightfall, The Tel Aviv Studios, Tel Aviv, IL, 2019

Remotely Related, Collection Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum, IL, 2018

Dogs and Cats, Youth Wing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL, 2017 

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, IL, 2014

Crop,Artists House Gallery, Jerusalem, IL, 2014

Goods, Bat Yam Museum, IL, 2013

Salon de Notre Society, Primary Projects gallery, Miami, US, 2012

The Big Mezonith, Project Room, Zomer Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2012

Monkeys, Nine People, Allenby Passage, Tel Aviv, IL, 2011

Fox Tails on Fire, Rotchild 12 Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL 2011

After Sunrise, 39 Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2010

D.Z 34, HaMidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2009

Falling, Panorama Building, Tel Aviv, IL, 2009

Close to Home, Bat Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, IL, 2008

Snap shot, City Gallery, Ramleh, IL, 2008

Engine, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2007

Pornography, My Love, Beit Ha`amanim, Tel Aviv, IL, 2007

Artic 9, Genia Schreiber University Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2007

From the Heart, CCA -  Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL  Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL, 2005

Down, Paint Box Gallery, New York, US, 2004

You Have to Believe, A Day Will Come, Plonit and Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv and Umm El Fahem, IL, 2003


HaMidrashaSchool of Art, Beit Berl, Israel, Advanced Studies, IL, 2010 

HaMidrasha School of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts , Beit Berl, IL, 2004

School of Visual Arts, Photography, New York, US, 2003


Mifal HaPais, Pais Artistic Incubator Grant, IL, 2021

Artis, Project Grant, IL, 2017

Mifal HaPais, Catalogue Grant, IL, 2017

Rabinovich Foundation, Catalogue Grant, IL, 2017

Cite des Arts, Paris, France, Ministry of Culture, LI, 2013

The Igal Zak Honorary Grant, HaMidrasha Art collage, Beit Berl, IL, 2011

Honorable Mention of the 2009 International Photography Awards, US, 2009

Keren Sharet, America Israel Cultural Foundation – Young Artist Scholarship, IL, 2006


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Featured artist at, 2015

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Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Museum

Private Collections